Monday, January 31, 2011

Chicken rice

Chicken rice - best served with Milk Tea or Carrot Juice
as preferred by Eric and Daisy

These are just some of the things I REALLY MISS about

Neko and Sitaw

This is Neko and Sitaw!! Stuffed toys that I gave to Daisy on her birthday (Sitaw) and when I visited her in Singapore (Neko).

Neko literally means "cat" in Japanese. While Sitaw means "stringbeans" (his original name was Stringbean Jr.).

Daisy left Sitaw back in the Philippines when she went to Singapore.. So at my visit, I brought both of them.. HAHA! Sitaw occupied MOST of my bag that I have to bring a smaller one for my clothes!! hahaha! Funny thing is that the smaller bag is heavier that my 50liter backpack.. oh well..

Babe, take good care of our kids! wash them up if the smell like fish.. I love you!!


"Blackie" - the other half of "Puti"
"Puti" - The other half of "Blackie" 

 Two pendants, two rings, miles apart.. This is our symbol of commitment.. Eric carries Blackie (Yang symbol - female) with him everywhere telling him that Daisy is always there, loving him.. And Daisy carries Puti (Yin symbol - male) to remind her of Eric and his commitment of love for her.. And as we said, Eric completes Daisy.. Puti completes Blackie.. Yin completes Yang..