Thursday, September 22, 2011

mga luto ng aking prinsesa..

"Wife in TRAINING".. that's what this is about.. daisy and i have been together for "__ months i cant remember" and finally, she decided to do something new.. AND SOMETHING GOOD!! she was not really a cook.. she actually knows only fried anythings or instant anythings.. so when she tried cooking, i mean not just cooking but, REAL COOKING.. i was simply amazed.. from egg omelet to sauteed vegies, to pork steak, to my ever favorite "MUNGGO", she's making her way deeper and deeper into my heart.. thru my stomach of course.. haha!! honestly, i never tasted any of her dishes coz' im far from her.. and when i come home for vacation, i was planning that every meal i eat must be something she cooked.. so babe, PREPARE!! hahaha!!

im really proud of you my princess.. thank you for starting to become a mother and a wife.. and im pretty sure that lots of guys envy me right now.. can ur GG decide to step out of her comfort zone and cook for you? haha!! these things make me love you more and more.. thank you for that.. 

and babe.. soon.. u will know for sure.. so be prepared.. :) 


Thursday, February 10, 2011

ice cream..


Ice cream is one of the most awesome stress reliever that is ever created. We love eating ice cream wherever,whenever and however (Now I'm missing monay with dirty ice cream).

What is so special with this ice cream anyway. Actually, it's not the ice cream.

Just to give u a bit of background, I've been stressed and sad and unfocused for the past weeks. I think most, if not all, of us have been experiencing or experienced that. I just want something to lighten my mood up. Of course, constant prayers are given but somehow I have this need to have a tangible simple joy to make me smile.

And that's why I bought ice cream.

But the thing is, if Eric is around, I will not need to spend a penny or even think of perks just to cheer myself up. He has this unexplainable wit that makes me laugh out really loud even if his not yet talking.

Mahal, I just miss the way you cheer me up. I just miss the way how we pray together for our concerns. I just miss US.

I know this will happen again and I know you won't be around also. Well, I just want you to know that just reminiscing our "kulitan" moments can sustain this lonely heart.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i love you so much..



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Callos.. mom's specialty

Callos (that's how I call it), is a recipe my mom cooks in every occasion we go to..
It a creamy, delicious dish made with ox tripe (twalya) as its main ingredient..
First, of course, boil the ox tripe (1/2 kilo) in a pressure cooker to soften it..
Then when its soft enough, just sautee 2 cloves of garlic, 1 clove onions and the ox tripe..
After that, season it with some fish sauce (patis) or salt..
Pour in 2 medium sized canned pork and beans..
Add a can of cream or evaporated milk (large)..
Season with salt and pepper to desired taste..
Let it simmer and.. TADAAAAA!!!
You'll find us raising a bowl to have our servings!
That is, if you are fast enough to take control of the cooking pan..

I know Daisy misses this because it was at our house where she met this wonderful dish..
One of the many dishes we truly enjoy..
Babe.. i miss eating with you..


Ganito kami magkulitan.. (please translate in english.. :p)

O_o   kawawa naman yung bata..   T_T

eh teka.. anu ba nangyare??

our stress reliever.. one of the best things we do together..
LAUGH our hearts out..
and there's no stopping us.. in the train, bus, jeepney, elevator,
on a crowded street and even on the phone.. she never fails to make me laugh..

Babe.. i miss laughing hard with you..
i miss choking and coughing after a huge laugh..
i miss you making fun of my face..
i miss you so much..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3rd anniversary countdown

This will be our first time to celebrate our anniversary separately. We have been striving hard to keep our relationship last despite the distance. Keeping ourselves posted with the things that remind us of each others love is a great start. 44 days to go we will celebrate our anniversary. We will celebrate 3 years of friendship, loyalty and faithfulness, struggles that made us stronger, and most of all Love to GOD and each other.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inihaw Na Tilapya!! (Grilled Tilapia)

yes, grilled

Fish! A favorite dish of Eric and Daisy.
 Either fried, grilled, steamed, sauteed or mixed in soup, there will
always be a room for fish in our stomach, specially when we are HUNGRY!! 
This fish here is my favorite, TILAPYA! And I love it grilled! Daisy on the other hand loves 
BANGUS (milkfish, i wonder why it's called such) specially when it comes with 
soy sauce and tomatoes! If this is the dish in front of us, sorry guys,
 we forget our diet plan and stuff ourselves until our 
stomach is as hard as our head!!
 I MISS YOU BABE!! I miss eating with you!!

sorry, i messed it up before the shoot..

A very PRIVATE conversation.. (if you cant understand, just hire a translator)

AHAHAHAHHAHA!! Babe do you remember this? I just read it a while ago and I felt that i have to post it.. Guys, these are one of those moments that I placed myself up there.. (sorry for boasting).. HAHA!! I just posted it to reminisce the time that I am very proud of myself for being loyal to my "God's Gift" (yes.. she is the GIFT I received from my BOSS).. Very proud to say that despite the "test" God gave me that night, I managed to overcome TEMPTATION and stayed FAITHFUL to my Daisy.. For those guys out there who CANNOT do it, you are NOT WORTHY to be anyone's partner.. And for those who could, GREAT WORK GENTLEMEN!! BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES!! Let this be a simple reminder to every guy to STAY FAITHFUL and LOYAL to their partners, and for every girl to DO THE SAME!! Or if not (i mean single), PRAY for someone like them.. Celebrate LOVE!!


"Kuya Sitaw! WAG MO KO IPITIN!!" ("Sitaw! Don't squeeze me!!")

I cant think of anything about these pictures so its all up to you guys..
What you see is what you get..
Oh well.. I miss our kids.. and I miss their MOM even more..

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

goodbye loyal friend..

Stephanie (Step)
ten years ago, my uncle gave me a little, round (literally), energetic and STUBBORN puppy.. her name was Step (Stephanie).. she was a stray dog, abandoned by her mother on a pile of trash.. my uncle took her and gave her to us.. it was December 2000 when we brought her home from Manila to Bulacan.. this dog is such a headache.. ruined almost every pair of sandals she got her mouth on.. plus the countless pieces of papers, plastics, stryofoam and garbage she bring home from the trash pile outside our house..REALLY A PAIN IN THE ASS!! we managed to raise her into a very loyal dog.. she even made friends with our cats and let them sleep with her in her rag blanket (i wonder where those pictures are).. i can still recall how she runs and greets me with cute howls and barks as i arrive from school.. how she stands up to show excitement whenever i feed her.. and how she SNATCHES my bread whenever i'm off guard.. i can also remember how she had her babies (5times i think) and how she almost bit me when im taking them away from her.. how i played with her, grab her tongue when she licks my hand, how she lies flat on her back when i give her a stomach scratch or massage.. how she licks me mouth when i kiss her (specially when im lying down on our front yard).. how she runs, hop up and ride on our jeepney whenever my father arrives.. how she scratches her ear telling me that countless ticks and annoying her and she needs cleaning.. i can still remember her loyalty..

now, she's gone and all we have are memories of her.. i feels really bad looking at her when she was just a few minutes away from dying.. a could not do anything but just watch her.. i fill like i betrayed her loyalty.. "im sorry Step.. we love you.. and goodbye.." these were my last words as she died.. i should have done something but she's old.. its inevitable.. we just have to accept it.. so this evening, we dug up her grave and buried her.. bid our last farewell and left feeling lost for such a LOYAL FRIEND..


Monday, January 31, 2011

Chicken rice

Chicken rice - best served with Milk Tea or Carrot Juice
as preferred by Eric and Daisy

These are just some of the things I REALLY MISS about

Neko and Sitaw

This is Neko and Sitaw!! Stuffed toys that I gave to Daisy on her birthday (Sitaw) and when I visited her in Singapore (Neko).

Neko literally means "cat" in Japanese. While Sitaw means "stringbeans" (his original name was Stringbean Jr.).

Daisy left Sitaw back in the Philippines when she went to Singapore.. So at my visit, I brought both of them.. HAHA! Sitaw occupied MOST of my bag that I have to bring a smaller one for my clothes!! hahaha! Funny thing is that the smaller bag is heavier that my 50liter backpack.. oh well..

Babe, take good care of our kids! wash them up if the smell like fish.. I love you!!


"Blackie" - the other half of "Puti"
"Puti" - The other half of "Blackie" 

 Two pendants, two rings, miles apart.. This is our symbol of commitment.. Eric carries Blackie (Yang symbol - female) with him everywhere telling him that Daisy is always there, loving him.. And Daisy carries Puti (Yin symbol - male) to remind her of Eric and his commitment of love for her.. And as we said, Eric completes Daisy.. Puti completes Blackie.. Yin completes Yang..