Thursday, September 22, 2011

mga luto ng aking prinsesa..

"Wife in TRAINING".. that's what this is about.. daisy and i have been together for "__ months i cant remember" and finally, she decided to do something new.. AND SOMETHING GOOD!! she was not really a cook.. she actually knows only fried anythings or instant anythings.. so when she tried cooking, i mean not just cooking but, REAL COOKING.. i was simply amazed.. from egg omelet to sauteed vegies, to pork steak, to my ever favorite "MUNGGO", she's making her way deeper and deeper into my heart.. thru my stomach of course.. haha!! honestly, i never tasted any of her dishes coz' im far from her.. and when i come home for vacation, i was planning that every meal i eat must be something she cooked.. so babe, PREPARE!! hahaha!!

im really proud of you my princess.. thank you for starting to become a mother and a wife.. and im pretty sure that lots of guys envy me right now.. can ur GG decide to step out of her comfort zone and cook for you? haha!! these things make me love you more and more.. thank you for that.. 

and babe.. soon.. u will know for sure.. so be prepared.. :) 


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