Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Inihaw Na Tilapya!! (Grilled Tilapia)

yes, grilled

Fish! A favorite dish of Eric and Daisy.
 Either fried, grilled, steamed, sauteed or mixed in soup, there will
always be a room for fish in our stomach, specially when we are HUNGRY!! 
This fish here is my favorite, TILAPYA! And I love it grilled! Daisy on the other hand loves 
BANGUS (milkfish, i wonder why it's called such) specially when it comes with 
soy sauce and tomatoes! If this is the dish in front of us, sorry guys,
 we forget our diet plan and stuff ourselves until our 
stomach is as hard as our head!!
 I MISS YOU BABE!! I miss eating with you!!

sorry, i messed it up before the shoot..

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